Grand Challenges in Public Engagement

Paul Brown
UMD - Public Policy
08.17.2022 14:30 to 15:30


Prof. Paul Brown (Public Policy @ UMD) will discuss a proposal submitted to NSF and UMD Grand Challenges.

The project would test whether technology-based deliberative engagement can bridge the vertical gap and build trust and access between individuals and Prince George’s County public health stakeholders. With community partners they aim to design a three step pilot process to:

1. Discover populations where distrust in public health messages and service delivery is most acute;
2. Discern which deliberative engagement process would be most useful toward closing trust deficits; and,
3. Assess which technology platform most effectively reaches marginalized populations and promotes equitable participation in the deliberative engagement process.

This talk will give a summary of the above proposal and welcome discussion on contributions from computer science.